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Should you not know a little about me!!

I have over 3 decades of experience in programming. I started in 1985 with CP/M machines (Control Process Machines) which were the desktops of those days.

Everyone knows CP/M machines don't even have a hard disk. The RAM was just 64 KB.

I have been writing programs almost daily since then.

But I entered into Android late due to various reasons. Well, atleast I entered even though late.

Now, I am trying to bring out some good stuff. What comes out is all for your love. And you should feel proud to have it on your device. That is my endeavour.

The apps which have been published are listed out in the page titled "Applications". Links are also provided to the app on "Google Play store".

Privacy policy and End User License Agreement applicable to all the apps are shown on the respective pages.



I call this boy a magic boy. He appears before you. Vanishes in no time! Runs like a Bugatti car. That is about him.

If you see this photo anywhere then imagine that there is something from me to you.

Imagine this image is almost like a logo.


Next Steps...

Now make a visit to the "Applications" page. See what is there for you.